When The Writ Hits The Fan

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A TOP law firm has been hit with a multi-million pound writ linked to a finance company at the centre of a fraud investigation. And The Scottish Sun told last week how four men — including tycoon Gregory King — have been reported to prosecutors probing the allegations. The Court of Session summons was served on the firm six months after he left the legal firm.

The visiting Strathclyde University professor sat on an expert panel created by former First Minister Alex Salmond to look into media regulation in Scotland. Watson also acted for former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini after she was harassed by a campaigner who was later jailed. And he includes ex-Glasgow City Council chief Steven Purcell among his list of clients, as well as senior police and prison officers.

Investors from around the world sunk their cash into Gibraltar-based fund Heather Capital, which launched in Some of the cash was loaned to Mathon to bankroll developments across Scotland.

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The jokes come thick and fast, and while they don't always hit their mark, the sheer frequency of one-liners, slapstick gags, and not-so-subtle pop culture references — all of which are threaded as tightly into the gameplay as much the narrative — ensures you'll be laughing along with Borderlands 3 more than anything else you've played this year. In between the hijinks, though, the story also hits hard where it needs to.

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Like Tales from the Borderlands and Borderlands 2, Gearbox's threequel sneaks a number of emotional wallops into the comedic frivolities without warning, and they're all the more impactful for it. Granted, no one's going to be considering Borderlands 3 for its narrative come Game of the Year Award discussions in December but — all told — this sequel confidently and respectfully closes the books on a decade-old chapter of Pandora, all while paving the way for more Vault Hunting adventures to come.

The story's only real blemish is its villains, Troy and Tyreen, whose streamer turned cult leaders schtick isn't half as funny or clever as Gearbox seems to think it is. The pair begin to grind gears from the first moment they scream "Like, subscribe, and obey" through the intercom, and I was glad to see them distanced from much of the events leading up to the story's grand climax. Gearbox may be done with Handsome Jack, but the Calypsos prove to be far from a worthy replacement.

Previous Borderlands titles often traded substance for size, in which the sheer number and variety of guns were more than enough to make up for the slight but pervasive feeling of weightlessness that flavoured combat. That's changed with Borderlands 3, which now whirs and snaps with the same level of haptic feedback you'd expect from any AAA shooter, cementing Gearbox as a true master in the fine art and science of virtual gun handling. Things aren't just humming smoothly under Borderlands 3's bonnet, though — the whole car has been pimped out too.

Many weapons are now equipped with alternate fire modes, for instance, whether it's a sniper rifle endowed with an underhand shotgun or a pistol which can spew out micro-missiles at the touch of a button, while parkour mechanics like vaulting and sliding speed up and complicate the rhythm of combat and traversal. This, on top of Borderlands 3's destructible environments and smarter AI opponents, means there's no more cheesing your way through a tough battle, but thankfully our four new vault hunters — some of the most complex and satisfying classes the series has had to date — means you won't even have to try.

Zane, the Operative, is the least interesting of the bunch, especially as all of his Action Skills have been lifted almost wholesale from previous games, but the same can't be said for Amara, Moze, and FL4K, all of whom bring something new to Borderlands' frenzied firefights. While I wish Gearbox would concentrate on roles that breakaway more radically from their DPS archetypes I'm still holding out hope for healer class DLC , the fact I can now hunt alongside animal companions as FL4K or customise a rideable mech with Moze means there's more than enough toys to play with for both the campaign and its endgame-focused True Vault Hunter mode.

For early adopters, however, all this good news does come with some caveats. The fact is that Borderlands 3 is a bit of a technical mess at the moment, with delayed texture load-ins, reduced frame-rates, and a laggy user interface, all of which is exacerbated when playing on PC or in split-screen mode.

Gearbox has promised a series of patches to fix these issues over the coming weeks, but they're hard to avoid right now, leaving a noticeable blemish on an otherwise exceptionally polished experienced. As for the loot… well, you've already heard about the cthulhu gun.

The writ hits the Lohan: Lindsay served with legal papers on movie set

The sheer number and variety of weapons available is — as always — staggering, but the most ridiculous part is that every new addition to your Vault Hunter's arsenal is as robust and enjoyable to use as the last. In many ways, Borderlands 3 feels like reacquainting with an old childhood friend after years of radio silence.

They're older and smarter, and looking a little different to how you remember, but no less immature. I wish Borderlands 3's villains had been as entertaining and well crafted as the rest of the game, but putting up with their vexing influencer imitations is a small price to pay for enjoying Gearbox's heady cocktail of perfectly organised chaos.

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I'm GamesRadar's Features Writer, which makes me responsible for gracing the internet with as many of my words as possible, including reviews, previews, interviews, and more. Lucky internet! Home Reviews. Our Verdict Borderlands 3 is a fan-servicing treat of a Borderlands game, albeit one soured by technical issues and lacklustre villains. Pros A faithful evolution of the Borderlands experience Cathartic, compulsive combat Content-rich campaign of exceptional variety.