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Now, you must prove yourself worthy of existence at every turn, at every border checkpoint. And if you are going to survive, your instincts will become your most valuable weapon. Mhairi has learnt the importance of living her own story, of speaking to no one. But then she meets a young boy with no voice at all, and finds herself risking everything to take him to safety. And so Mhairi and the silent boy travel the road north.

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But there are rumours that things in Scotland have changed since she has been away. What Mhairi finds there is shocking and heart-breaking, but might finally re-connect her to her sense of self and to the possibility of love. An extraordinary story about survival and what it costs, about the power of small kindnesses to change everything. It's searingly beautiful but both terrifying and deeply sad.

Nicky Singer writes with lyricism But The Survival Game isn't just beautifully written It also asks important questions and requires the reader to interrogate her or himself It's an absolute tour de force. A wonderful, surprisingly delicate story about a teenager making her way home to Scotland in a world remade by climate change aimed at YA readers but, like all good children's books, good for adults too ' - Lucy Mangan, i Weekend. This is a wonderful novel, set in , when the earth has heated up and migration has hit new highs.

There are also new rules in place and the world is a harsher place as countries try and stretch their resources to This is a vital, beautiful book - not least because of that striking cover. The world has heated up and the earth's population is desperately trying to get further north - including Mhairi, who is trying to get What is it about : A grim dystopian tale, set in the near future after climate change has changed the planet and its politics. Please sign in to write a review. If you have changed your email address then contact us and we will update your details.

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I would recommend the book to all year olds who can act on climate change. This book was very interesting as the author wrote about how the world is going to look in about 30 years if no one does anything about climate change. The book is also very interesting showing how there are new laws made because of the extreme heat in some countries, because of climate change. Overall I enjoyed the book and hope to read another one by Nicky Singer.

The sensible character, the grandmother, is framed as antagonistic. I thought the book was interesting because it reflected on the issues of global warming and climate change. The author makes characters seem human because the main character, Mhairi, shows a lot of guilt to killing people and I can relate to that. It can make the reader really worry about climate change and make them want to do something to make a change.

The Survival Game is a book about how climate change will eventually affect our planet. I liked this book because it showed how one person so narrow minded can alter their behaviour to aid those around them. But overall I enjoyed it as the plot was very exciting.

The Survival Game is a book that is based in the future, when climate change has made most of the world into a desert and one girl is struggling to find her way home. As well as this I find it interesting and extremely relevant with the topic being climate change which leads onto dystopian madness and the fight to survive. At this day and age this topic is becoming increasingly more realistic and makes the reader connect with the story even more. I recommend this book as it mixes topics like kindness and future impending disaster which creates a very interesting and heart-warming read.

This book was very easy to read and enjoy. It had an interesting story that convinced me to read more and more.

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It played with some interesting concepts that really made you think. U thought the book was extremely interesting as it was about problems we could face today. I would highly recommend this book as an eye-opener; I had never thought about climate change like that before. I loved the relationship the girl had with the little boy, it emphasises the girl way more. I liked this book, the descriptions were captivating and the story line was great, however I did find it hard to pay attention to the book because a lot of things happened and they were quite long. The best part was the detention centre, it really picqued my interest and that made me enjoy the book more.

I also loved the ending. Overall, a good book to read! The survival game what a great book. Along the way meeting boy named Mo who becomes her must have companion on her journey. A must read bittersweet story full of never ending adventure. The story is about a 14 years old girl called Mhairi Bain. She is travelling with this mute boy, that she ends up giving her life up for. She is trying to travel all the way to the Isla of Arran, where her grandmother lives. She has got nothing but a gun with no bullets, and her identity papers.

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The border are protected by soldiers with machine guns, and her identity paper means everything. The author describes everything as if you were there with her. Mhairi has travelled huge distances: her survival tactics reflect her desperate need to stay alive. Mhairi Bain feels responsible for taking care of this mute boy, who she later named Mo. But also because no matter how fast she walks. It also seems like Mo is like a magician, and manages to catch up.

Climate Change. Overall, you might think that this book is unrelatable. Since, we are not travelling across borders etc. I would say that I did like the book because the main character; Mhairi is very relatable and the fact that she is our age makes you wonder if you could live in a world where everyone is fighting and you can not get back to your home country.

I would highly recommend this book. I really enjoyed the Survival Game because it is a realistic situation, we could find ourselves in in a couple of years. Nicky Singer perfectly captures the likely dilemmas we will be facing as climate change progresses, and refugees will not just be fleeing but there will be aggressive weather conditions.

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I thought that the characters had excellent descriptions.