The Librarians Complete Guide to Involving Parents Through Childrens Literature: Grades K-6

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It was outdated and few recent checkouts. After speaking with the parents, I removed it from the collection since I determined that I would have weeded it out of the collection anyway. The book that was challenged appeared on a teacher list for independent reading novel choices. Although it was not required reading, the parent felt that given the content of the book, it should not be "recommended reading.

The book was challenged by a student's legal guardian who suggested I create a rated-R section of the library when I met with her. The principal met with both of us and told the guardian that the book would not be taken out of the collection and that she was welcome to take the challenge to the school board. Nothing more happened after that meeting, and the book went back on the shelves.

The book was selected prior to me being a librarian on campus. It had great reviews, and an absolutely wonderful story. The objection was sex, violence, language, and suicide. At that time I had 6th grade on campus. In a committee including a parent, a teacher from each grade level, the principal, and myself, the decision was made that the book was more appropriate for Junior High. Ironically, it was a 4th grade teacher and myself that fought for the overall story of the book. It is my opinion, although all involved were required to read the entire the book, that they paid too much attention to the specific parts mentioned, because that was the focus of their discussion.

Sixth grade is now on the Junior High campus and I now teach all my students how to select books appropriate for them and their family guidelines and what to do if they think a book is inappropriate for them The challenge occurred before I was a librarian, when I was a middle school English teacher.

The parent objected to the subject matter of a book I had chosen to use as a group read. I was able to find an alternative acceptable to both of us. I have not been challenged in my career as a high school librarian. Even though I work in a religious school, parents and administration seem to trust my judgment in choosing materials.

The challenge occurred years ago, and immediately my principal asked for the book to be removed. It took almost as much time and effort with the parent as with my administration to look more closely at the book in question and reach a reasonable decision. We ended up not removing the book, although it was pulled from the collection during this time.

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The challenge was a classroom assigned novel by a local author. The student was given an alternate assignment and the challenge was denied. The author did write a second version of his book that removed the small sex scene and he replaced our books for free I think. They are still in our textbook room and may be used again next year for a remedial English IV class. The challenge was based on a picture of two adult males holding hands. The parent had not read the book in its entirety.

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Instead of going through the proper procedure, the superintendent decided to keep the book in her office and said to me "We're trying to pass a bond, so I'm going to keep this until it has passed. The challenge was for a book selected by a teacher for a class assignment. We were able to recommend an alternative title.

The closest to a book challenge that I experienced was being contacted by the building principal to find out if we had a copy of "Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks a Lot". It was causing a controversy in the area and they District Superintendent were checking to see if we had the book on the shelf and, if we did, to pull it. We did not have a copy. Thankfully, I did not have to push the censorship issue this time.

The Librarian's Complete Guide to Involving Parents Through Children's Literature: Grades K-6

We currently have a pretty lenient policy regarding books that are allowed on our shelves. The English department had a challenge to summer reading book, but i have not had a full challenge in the Media Center. I had a parent complain about a book, which I said I would read to see for myself, and she did not follow up. The first challenge I experienced forced our administration at the time they all valued libraries to create a more specific reconsideration policy.

The title went to a diverse committee who read the book and reconvened to discuss our options. The decision was made to keep the book but get parental approval in the form of a signature before allowing students to check out the book. This past school year the reconsideration policy was completely ignored when a district office staff member bookkeeper didn't like titles on one of my orders and brought it to the attention of the curriculum director. She removed the books from our collection, without discussing it with me, and the rest of the school year I was bullied and harassed by my building administration because I questioned the whole situation's legitimacy.

The main book challenge I faced was from my library administrator who is very sensitive to foul language. She refused to let me purchase a book students had recommended. She didn't agree with me that secondary school students can choose their own comfort level when it comes to choosing their own reading material.

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The only book challenge had to do with the Stephan King series. It was the year when our junior high turned into a middle school.

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One parent objected to any Stephan King book available to sixth grade. When parent was asked which King book she objected to and if she had read the book, she did not pursue the challenge further. The only book challenge I experienced was initiated by a teacher. She took the challenge to the Principal, who said the book stays in the library. The only challenge I receive on a regular basis is from the kids! They often tell me that the books on the human body are inappropriate because they show "nudity".

I usually reply that everyone has a body and they need to learn how it works, and that it is no big deal. Then they giggle and repeat the following week The parent was very concerned about the Gossip Girl series. My principal just told me to pull them from the shelf and not offer them anymore. I did not purchase them; the former media specialist did. To me, parents should just say to the child just don't read those. The parent was very, very conservative and since both parents were not on the same page of being aware of haven giving consent for borrowing from YA section it may have been a case of a forged signature by the student.

Parent kept repeating that "educators and especially librarians are too liberal and ruining our society with our introduction of leftists doctrine" throughout our conversation, as he became more confrontational the principal wrapped up the meeting as it was obvious the book was just serving as a platform to present his narrow views and agenda and not about challenging the book. He rescinded the YA consent for his child who was a 6th grader but still loudly vocalized his opinion that the book did not belong in any collection.

The recent book challenge I had encountered was from the book entitled Drama. The parent did not appreciate the tone of the book which mentioned the gender of being gay. I was told to remove the book from the elementary school and that it may be placed in the middle school was what the administrators directed me to do. I was then questioned how book selection was decided.

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The student questioned a right-leaning college information book. Because the title could be interpreted as meaning "correct" rather than political-right, we added a sticker so that it was clear that it was politically leaning rather than "correct". I refused to remove the book because it was helpful for some of our students who would like the information in choosing a college, but the title could be misleading, so I clarified it. We have many other "controversial" books here, and I'm happy about that.

  • Timothy and the Mysterious Castle (Timothy Series by Jeremy Jaywood Book 1).
  • Leadership Evo.
  • Crime At Cripple Creek (Sisters Week Series Book 1)!

Luckily, so is the administration and the general population of the town. The teacher backed down when I informed her there was a process I was going to make her go through. Her objection was to one picture in an award winning, reviewed graphic novel, where there is the impression a man is naked.

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It's an annotated resource list of children's books with lots of meaty ideas for quick and dirty lessons you can use in your library or classroom. NoveList K-8 has all of the searching features contained in NoveList and allows users to search by author, title, series, theme or topic. With the "Describe a Plot, Topic, or Unit" search, you can use natural language to search the product's full-text reviews for titles of interest.

In addition to the robust database of young adult and children's fiction titles, NoveList K-8 includes: NoveList K-8 provides this creative feature that offers specific examples of the many ways in which picture books can be used by teachers and parents: I appreciate their good taste in children's books, and admire their stimulating, well-written book reviews. From Cynthia Leitich Smith Cynsations , I catch up on the latest news in the children's literature world. Check out the following: She's written a batch of terrific children's books, my favorite of which is Sahara Special Hyperion, And then there's her fabulous blog, about which she says: I hope this book-a-day plan will be a boon to anyone who would like to play a supporting character in a child's reading life story.

This blog is a supporting page to sister site http: Anyone who says they care about kids and schools and doesn't read aloud is lying, or about to make the discovery of a lifetime. I'm a woman on a mission. Sprinkle sugar over the peaches. Fold whipped topping and peaches into cubed gelatin and chill.

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