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Stay focused When you learn how to play soccer as a goalie, you need to stay focused at all times. Monitor the ball and the game play at all times.

Power vs. Accuracy

Instead, run towards your opponent and make your body as big as possible. This will catch your opponent off-guard and will require a quicker reaction.

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To achieve a comfortable athletic stance, stand feet apart with knees and elbows slightly flexed. Your elbows should be a little bit away from your body and your hands should be out in front of you. Stay a bit on the balls of your feet, rather than your heels, in order to make moves more quickly.

You need to be totally focused on the ball while using your peripheral vision to keep track of activity around you. Your body also may need to be accomplishing an entirely different task in order to effectively guard the goal box.

Want To Be a Better Goalie? Read These 10 Tips!

Practice ball drills with a partner to help you develop this skill. Cultivate fast footwork In your quest to learn soccer skills for goalkeeping, you need to focus on your footwork. As you get better, practice shielding the ball using all parts of both feet. Shielding the soccer ball, protecting it with your body, is one of the most underrated skills in soccer.

As you get more comfortable, try shielding the ball for a few yards with the inside of your right foot and playing it to your left and carrying it in the other direction. Next, use the sole of your foot to turn or switch directions.

Try to use all the different surfaces of your foot without letting the defender get a touch on the ball. Chop and cut the ball back with the inside and outside of both feet. Keep the defense honest by turning and taking the defender on from time to time. For a skinny and small soccer player he knows how to protect the ball.

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  5. If you want to get better, try to find the best game possible near where you live when you are training. To become a great player you should push yourself, and there is no better way to do this than to play with more experienced players who are better than you are. The idea is to pick up all of their tricks and skills that they have learned over the years.

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    Know what you are going to do with the ball before you get it. This means knowing where your support is coming from and receiving the ball with your body blocking it from the defender. Barcelona are experts at this, every pass is made to the right side of the player and they always have support around each other, usually in triangles, with support in front to the side and in back. But Barcelona play the ball quickly, something that is probably hard to ascertain when just watching on television.

    Eventually, playing simple soccer will become automatic when you are involved in the rhythm of the game. To get out of pressure, play simple give and goes with your teammates. Be aware of where you can move or how you can position yourself to help out your teammates. Using your body means dribbling with your left foot when there is a defender on your right and dribbling and shielding the ball with your right foot when there is a defender on your on your left.

    You should always try to know where you are on the field by taking quick looks before you receive the ball. Home Soccer Soccer Training Tips. Play the Soccer Ball Quickly The key though is to give the ball and get the ball — play the ball quickly in one and two touches. Shielding the Soccer Ball A simple and great exercise is to dribble in a small square and have an opponent try to take the ball from you.

    Play with Older Soccer Players If you want to get better, try to find the best game possible near where you live when you are training. Signup Now!

    Soccer Training Tips - Steamboat Soccer Academy

    Walking the dog Walking the Dog is a great way to introduce ball control and dribbling to very young football players. It also encourages the development of spatial Moving goal game Two equal teams. Select two players to become the "moving goal".

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    These players take the ends of a pole, rope or towel and stretch it My reply is always the same: "That's OK! The word "soccer" actually comes from England, where the modern version of the game originated. In England, there were two types of football: rugby football Why children want to play soccer If you want to keep your children motivated, interested and wanting to learn you must first understand why they wanted to play soccer in the Why children stop playing soccer I stopped going to soccer because after a while it became like work, no fun