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They are just wonderful people to listen talk about games! Great show. While I sometimes disagree, the show is funny and thoughtful, always giving a breakdown and reasons for their opinions. High quality reviews! This podcast has all the good parts of their amazing video reviews. The comedy, the insight, the charisma and the extravagance. This podcast has been my go-to for board gaming podcasts for a few years now. Like you actually get the sense they should be journalists vs many other hobbyists who just also happen to like the sound of their own voice.

The best dang board game podcast out there. I save it and savor it. Excellent perspective. Love the chemistry that Quinns, Matt, and Paul have together. Highly recommend. Wonderful podcast about board games. I love these guys so much that I listen to this podcast on a wierd egg. Always fun to put this on and just listen and chill. I love listening to these guys talking baout whatever weird new games they've got their hands on.

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Almost always 1 or 2 games that sound like they'd be fun for my group, and then I go dig deeper on them. Great reviews that take a critical eye - even to games they love. Very fair and thoughtful. Chanting and entertaining to boot!

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These guys give unique opinions with good reasons behind them, but consider the gamer first and foremost. Very funny. They bring perspective, jokes, and sometimes food. There are too many podcasts of free form conversations about personal opinions. This one has enough charm and informed content to rise above. Thanks buds! Listener from Lebanon here! Outstanding reviews! Those three take their job very responsibly and seriously! Wonderful hosts and great discussions. A witty, charming group of people, who provide an insightful and often funny take on a huge number of boardgames. I especially enjoy how they sometimes dig a little bit more into the games, discussing, for example, issues of representation.

They're the kind of people you wish you knew! I love these bois, thanks for the hours of entertainment and for teaching me all about the best of the hobby. I just replaced risk, apples to apples, and settlers of catan with lords of Vegas, Inis, and galaxy trucker. I love the podcast and the YouTube channel! Not just a great gaming podcast. The hosts are genuinely witty, really know their stuff, and each episode has a lot of heart.

One warning: this show will make you want to spend way too much money on games.

The Sitdown w/ Mike Recine

If you're actually reading this review, please stop and just listen to the podcast. You shouldn't waste anymore of your life without this level of amaziness in it.

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Check out their website, all their presences on various social media platforms, their video reviews, their live appearances, their very own convention in Canada called SHUX, throw some money their way To be honest, the poscast is probably my least favorite aspect of the Shut up and Sit down empire, and my five star rating is still totally genuine by the way, so that goes to prove how much I love their written work and video reviews. Its just a shame that the podcast is kind of a dumping ground for games that are good, but not great enough to be given a full review treatment, but the casual discussion is a nice way to round out the sharp wit of their reviews.

Great opinions from great people recommending great games. You found the best podcast. Subscribe and listen to intelligent, witty, and just good old fashioned fun discussions about board gaming! They are full of laughs and due to the nature of board games, they are still relevant. These guys deserve every bit of support you can give.

Their discussions of games are great fun and very informative. If you are at all interested in board games and being entertained give this a listen! Too many podcasts subscribe to the cult of the new to be useful to my needs. Their reviews are nuanced based on a mix of personal opinions and experience based on their history of gaming.

These are good people. You should listen to them and then watch their videos.

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Everyone has different tastes when it comes to board games, but for the pure entertainment value, I have yet to see anything as good as Shut Up and Sit Down. Definitely worth checking out and seeing for yourself! What makes this podcast so great is the honesty that the 3 of them bring to the show. Sure they are super funny and knowledgeable, but you come back because you trust their opinion.

Funny, approachable, insightful. My favorite podcast, these three crack me up and I love the different perspectives. Your Royal Caribbean in a sea of review podcasts. Great commentary and banter, excellent insights.

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Sit Down! Listen to This! Bill Sykes. Roger Eagle was a towering figure in British popular music. Uniquely his influence straddled the cultural divide separating Manchester and Liverpool.