Sacrifice the Living (The 1000 Souls)

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On Easter morning, March 25, , Fr. Emil Kapaun mounted the steps of a partially destroyed church. As Fr. Kapaun raised a small, homemade, wooden cross, he began the prayer service. After leading the men in a rosary, he heard confessions and performed one baptism. With a patch covering his injured eye and supported only by a crudely made cane, the U. Army chaplain may have been broken in body, but he was strong in spirit.

He spirit remained strong until his death on May 23, , hastened by the harsh treatment of his captors. It was made by a Jewish man in honor of the Catholic chaplain who men of every faith admired.

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It was their tribute to Fr. Kapaun, who was a man for others.

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He was baptized in the same church where his parents were married. He traveled over 1, miles in his jeep and would often celebrate Mass on the hood of his army jeep for the men in the midst of combat. On November 2, , a battle broke out. With only two thousand soldiers, the Americans were being overrun by twenty thousand Chinese forces.

In the ensuing chaos, Fr. Ignoring enemy fire, he comforted those who were dying and anointed the injured.

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Even after the soldiers were ordered to evacuate, Fr. Herbert Miller who was lying on the ground wounded. Kapaun risked his life pushing the soldier away.

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A death march ensued. All the American soldiers were made to march over forty miles on foot to a prisoner camp of war. Anyone who lagged behind or could not continue was killed. Kapaun helped Sgt. Miller walk those forty miles by carrying him by his side.

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Along the way, Kapaun picked up other soldiers who wanted to give up. Because of his encouraging words, they continued to walk and so their lives were saved. In the prisoner of war camp, he was like a mother, sneaking away at night to get food, washing their clothes, leading prayer services and celebrating mass when he could. July 14th, at pm by Mike. They went up. June 4th, at pm by Mike.

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