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We've also updated our Privacy Notice. Click here to see what's new. Real-time surface plasmon modulation was achieved by electrically varying the pitch of a nanoscale surface relief diffraction grating inscribed on an azobenzene thin film covered with a layer of silver.

Analyzing AGW skepticism: missing the point?

This method permits extremely accurate control of the surface plasmon wavelength for tunable optics applications. Express 25 6 Express 27 6 B 29 4 Konishi, T. Sugimoto, B. Bai, Y. Svirko, and M. Kuwata-Gonokami Opt. Express 15 15 Wang, X. Chen, S. Liu, C. Wong, and S.

Emboras, C. Hoessbacher, C. Haffner, W. Heni, U. Koch, P. Ma, Y. Fedoryshyn, J. Niegemann, C. Hafner, and J. Quantum Electron. Kirby, R. Sabat, J. Nunzi, and O. C Mater. Jefferies and R. Monteiro, J. Ferreira, R.

Calendar for November 2012 (Ukraine)

Sabat, P. Rochon, M. Santos, and E. Actuators B Chem. Ouyang, K. Wang, L.

6th June 2012 Daily Report Crude Oil Free Real Alerts Time Spread Betting Signals

Henriksen, M. Akram, and X. Actuators A Phys. Huang, Y. Zhou, and C. Rochon, and B. Alvarez-Puebla, B. Cui, J. Bravo-Vasquez, T. Veres, and H. Aschwanden and A. Zhou, and S.

Cleopatra: The cinematic death of a mortal Isis |

Whitney, J. Elam, S.

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Zou, A. Zinovev, P. Stair, G. Schatz, and R.


Zayats, I. Smolyaninov, and A. Liang, L. Wan, C. Bai, and L. Hirakawa and P. Wong, Y. The floating microplastics were collected, air dried, and stored in vials for microscopic examination. Photographs were taken for each fragment. The length of each fragment was measured from the photomicrographs using ImageJ software Schneider et al. The RGB component of each fragment was measured using the Colors.

The Journal of Physical Chemistry B | Vol , No 24

The RGB values of the fragments were matched to its corresponding hue using Colblindor Colblindor nd. The roundness score described has a range from 0 angular to 1 perfect circle. Descriptive statistics were performed for the sizes of the fragments collected. The statistical analysis was done using R 3. The collected fragments were classified as microplastics based on the descriptions of Hidalgo-Ruiz et al. The microplastics collected have densities lower than the density of 5 M NaCl 1. Plastic materials that fall in this density range are polymethylpentene TPX: 0. The microplastic fragments isolated from the river have lengths ranging from 0.

Degrading forces i. Bleaching occurs at wavelengths within nm; the reaction can result in a yellow hue and clearing of the plastic material Humphrey et al. The mean roundness of the isolated microplastics was 0. Formation of microplastics through mechanical stress tends to achieve rounder shapes.

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The study of Kowalski et al. They also relate the rounding of microplastics to the loss of mass and, subsequently, the reduction of the particle density.