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Except that I mostly call them various cuss words because they are lousy cats.

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I like Chuckleberry and Little Bear the best, and I especially like that I'm the only one who gets to use those names for her. Being a dad has some nice perks. My cats have different names depending on who is talking to them. Years ago, I saw a book of "dogs and their women" - women who owned one or more dogs photographed with the dog s on one page, and on the facing page, some text written by the woman.

My very favorite was just a page full of variations on the dog's name showing how it had evolved over the years, like a weird game of telephone. When I was an electrician, I got to see people and their pets in their natural habitats. One couple explained their dog was named Beckett, after the playwright.

I do this with my kids and my spouse. She doesn't stink. She didn't really stink as a kitten.

Name just stuck. My childhood cat was adopted by my parents from their backyard in Brooklyn. Catenstein [lastname]. Later in life he developed a habit of sitting in a Del Monte peaches box, and we called him the Count Del Monte, known as Peaches to his friends on the Riviera.

How I Trained My Cats

Then we named a boat Peaches after him. I have friends who adopted littermate kitties and named them Duran and Duran.

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Best cat names ever. Fuzzy Jerk 1 the cat, Lyra Fuzzy Jerk 2 the dog, Nora Fuzzy Jerk 3 the rabbit, Stella the cat is also sometimes "you suck" or "go outside and never come back" she is actually a very nice cat, we are just not really cat people the dog is sometimes "dog of very little brain" we don't really have another name for the rabbit, but a local toddler calls her "the pretty biter" posted by rabbitrabbit at PM on April 24, Caecilius through several obscure steps became Camel Anus, or mostly just The Anus.

He and his sister are collectively The Anuses. When I was in college one of my roommates had a big fish tank with two large fish in it, one black fish and one white fish, and when he moved in we asked him what their names were and he said he never gave them names WHO DOES THAT so my other roommate christened them Sick and Dead why yes she was a goth how did you know. Sick got sick and Dead died. Our dog was named Peppi by my stepfather, after his childhood pet. She was, of course, mostly called Princey. Joey was a girl. She liked spaghetti. I have two black cats with yellow eyes. They are littermates, one sleek and one fluffy.

They are 17 now, so their names have had many iterations. I lost my best friend of 17 years, Squish, two weeks ago. I was with him from the day he was born. I immediately started calling him Hamburger.

Deedle’s rotten teeth | SuperEggplant

A few days later, Taco. Another week on, I started calling him Squish, and that's the one that stuck, and become the most consistent. Among others. Most of his names have songs associated with them, sung sweetly and often to a very annoyed little cat. I miss my Squishy Monster. Of course, I forgot to pay the cat tax from earlier. He's 8 years old as of yesterday! My first childhood cat was named Baby Jesus, which was too good to abbreviate.

I am told that I am the one who named him I was 5 because he came into our family around Christmas. My mother would call him from the back door: "Baby Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus! Baby Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus! Come home! Because she looks like a polar bear.

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Bear seen here in her natural environment. Full photo album for Sasha and Basil here. And pretty much the same roadkill pose when she was about a month old.

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The older of our two cats is named Coco. That's the name she had at the shelter but she's so glamorous we had to keep it. Her full name is "Coco Furrocious", because she is very furry. Of course Coco is short for Gabrielle. Some people hear her name and think it is Cocoa and are puzzled because she is white and gray and not brown. Sometimes she is "Coco Perspicacious" or "Coco Salacious" or pretty much anything that rhymes with that. The younger of our cats is named Masha. It's short for Maple Syrup, which is also the name she had at the shelter. But that's too much name for such a little cat, and my love likes Russian things, so she is Masha.

They found her mother pregnant behind a Waffle House yes, we live in Atlanta , so her mother's name was Waffles and the whole litter had breakfast-themed names. We actually went to the shelter to see her brother Blueberry, but Masha picked us. Also she has a little M-shaped marking on her forehead. Because bears and bunnies are cute, they can be "Coco-bear" or "Coco-bunny" and "Masha-bear" or "Masha-bunny" as well. My father-in-law also had a cat up until a couple months ago. His name is Gus but he went by Turd. He was really sad when Turd died, and my mother-in-law is scheming to adopt Coco if she doesn't get along with our impending human baby.

That human baby's just going to have to cope. Our cat is named Kevlar.

Lately she has been Kev-Lars Ulrich of the cat band Catallica. Hm, my enormous stuffed Koala named Koala is called Koala.

How to stroke a cat

My boyfriend's name has evolved quite a bit more but I think he'd kill me if I made it public. My 8 year old Van cat all white with tabby ears and a ridiculous short black tabby tail came from the pound with the appellation Atticus, which lasted approx 5 minutes.


Soon renamed Baby Goat for his vertical takeoffs and landings with real gamboling action. Also called Lakatnik a Bulgarian trainstop or Oh Leg! Ooh, I forgot one! I'm so glad everyone does this because we thought we were nuts. The current pair are Digit who is polydactyl and Norm who got that name because his feet were normal, but the rest of him is anything but normal.