Mind Over What Matters (Haywoods Journey Book 1)

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The Last Battleground. Looking forward to hearing what you think. So it has been with my life. Though these issues are not fully resolved, they are heading smoothly in that direction. It seems that the old method of just writing something still works.

I wrote two new pages, just trying to get the muse flowing. For you who are following along here, this is the link:. All input is appreciated. The more reviews there are, the more inclined people are going to give the book a try. Just got to connect the dots.

You can get a free version which only checks for spelling errors. If you get a subscription, however, the program checks spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style, vocabulary enhancement, and plagiarism.

So, here I have Book 2. A substantial bit of writing. When I apply Grammarly to it, it came up with 2, issues to be investigated. For me, that system works much better. That will be when I have to verify all the formating and making sure my cover is in the correct format. The fun thing, is that I have to format two versions of the manuscript: one for Kindle and the other for paperback. I had to change and submit the paperback version six times before I got it right.

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In the past, I just edited as the urge took me. There was no rhyme or reason to my methods. It was also a haphazard, disjointed endeavor. I never set myself a deadline, so I was free to be lazy about the process. It boils down to incentive to get the task done. You see, I do have a life away from my computer. There are obligations outside my hobby that require my undivided attention. So, two chapters seemed reasonable.


And it is. Some days I put many hours in on the editing process. There are other days when the edit has been minimal, thus a quick process for that day. If the edit has been easy and quick, then I stop at the two chapter goal.

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I do not try to stuff in another chapter. Instead, I use the free time to go do something domestic, or just have a bit of fun. This editing process has been a joy, for a change. Two of my days were hard. I had a great amount of rewriting to do.

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On each of those two days, I was at it for eight hours. The other two days were much easier, lasting only three hours each. It looks like today is going to fall in between those two. I set a goal, I meet the goal, then I move on. Skip to content This is the post excerpt.