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Most men desire deeply to connect with others, but have lost the knowledge of how to do it. These portraits are an exploration of friendship through an exchange of gazes with the men who have joined me on this journey of relational intimacy, who have chosen to share their nuanced tenderness with me and each other. These photographs fill me with love. They remind me to love in return. But the images also sting with a reminder of existential solitude, of the continual dance of relationship between ourselves and each other, of the ongoing desire to see someone, and to be seen by them in return.

Louie, Wil, Jonathan, Elijah, Seth, Jason, Jeff, Dave, Scott, Dan, Chris, Nathan, So this is just very steamy and certainly past my preference. Mar 14, Dilek VT rated it liked it Shelves: kind-of-a-disappointement , hot-romance. Well, this can be regarded as a cute, sweet, romantic and hot story but somewhere somehow I lost my interest in it. Mainly, I couldn't relate to the characters and maybe that is why, the story didn't affect my heart that much Firstly, I think I was annoyed with the hero, Jason, for losing touch with his best friend and the family who loved him dearly and I was never able to forgive him.

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Secondly, when they met after so many years, our girl, Olive acted cold and distant towards Jason and she Well, this can be regarded as a cute, sweet, romantic and hot story but somewhere somehow I lost my interest in it. Secondly, when they met after so many years, our girl, Olive acted cold and distant towards Jason and she was right to do so but the third time they met, she was as sweet as sugar, cute and friendly all of a sudden.

The transition was quick, abrupt and annoying for me. I didn't see it coming, and I was like, "Why, how,? And then, a lot of hot scenes despite the fake marriage deal Well, I think I lost my interest in the book totally during those hot scenes because, honestly, I was waiting for a deeper love story. There is this love story of a little girl from the age of 7 to She has never got over him. She has never stopped dreaming about him.

Although she had a few boyfriends, Jason was her real and big love.

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And I think, that is why, I really expected the man to fall in love with her with some deep feelings not because of her boobs or ass, or whatever With all these hot scenes before realizing and confessing any feelings, the love story turned into a lust story for me.

I would have been OK with those hot scenes, I would have been really happy even if only she had made it hard for him to earn.

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Well, it was just too easy I don't know, maybe it is me only, I kind of couldn't find what I was expecting and it was just an OK read for me Aug 13, Lucia rated it liked it. Great leisure read for hot summer afternoon.

Louie, 2018

I went into this novel with zero expectation and it paid off! View 2 comments.

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Dec 10, Lex Martin rated it it was amazing. I'm still a little high off that ending.

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Because, yeah, this book gave me all the girlie feels, and if I could twirl and do happy little cartwheels, I would right now. I have a new author crush, and it's Ella Maise. I was completely sucked into Olive and Jason's world, I think I loved her every bit as much as him! Mar 20, Carvanz rated it really liked it Shelves: second-chance , loved-since-childhood , fast-read , ku , low-angst , recommended.

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Olive has loved Jason Thorn since she was 7 years old. He was all she dreamed of and could ever want until he broke her 14 year old heart. To Jason, Olive was the sister of his best friend and the daughter of the couple that took him in when life was complicated. Years later they are reunited by their work — her a writer, him an actor. Jason is surprised to find Olive all grown up and struggles with his urges that are so very unbrotherly.

Sounds pretty predictable, right? This story takes a tried and tired trope and reworks it giving us a fun, low angst romance of two people who have always had a connection but are now grown and can recognize it for what it is. This is a fast paced read with characters that are fun and quirky. I loved Lucy and wish I could read her story as well. The beginning has a little detailed interaction between Jason and another woman which I would have preferred to not have been given such an up close view of, but it was necessary to the story.

Told in dual POV, no cheating, no abuse, no problem! I must check out further books from this author. Dec 03, Anne OK rated it really liked it Shelves: reads. Just the right amount of "feel goods" along with a huge amount of hot encounters that are sure to scorch your eyeballs! And this is where she once again encounters her childhood crush and the boy she has never forgotten.

Ever once in awhile you just need a book that is playful with a bit of hilarious thrown in and easy on the heart. This one will give you Just the right amount of "feel goods" along with a huge amount of hot encounters that are sure to scorch your eyeballs! This one will give you just that.

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Just a few blips on the radar - mostly missing words. And the repetitious use of "little one" did get on my nerves a bit, too. Otherwise, I really liked this new-to-me author's writing style. I'll definitely be checking out some of her other books. To Love Jason Thorn is a mixture of humor, romance, hotness and love!

Jason Thorn is a Hollywood actor. He is famous, he is wealthy and he can have any woman he wants. His scandals always hit the first page. Olive has known Jason since she was seven years old. He was her first love, the first boy she ever wanted, but she was just a little kid to him. Many years have passed and Jason still remembers little Olive, only she is not so little anymore. Can their attraciton ever become something more? The writing was phenomenal!

I enjoyed every word of this book and I devoured every single page. The plot was refreshing and the characters extremely lovable and relatable. Jason will become your next book boyfriend. Trust me, Do not miss this book. I highly recommend it. View all 8 comments. Dec 27, Beeeeee rated it it was ok.

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Nov 27, Three Chicks rated it it was amazing. I love everything she writes and this book was no different. When Olive was the ripe age of six years old, almost seven she was introduced to her new next door neighbor. Jason Thorn. Their first meeting was actually very typical for a six year old. She professed her love for him and asked him to marry her. Of course Jason being the more mature one; he was 10, tried to let her down slowly.

But when you're six years old the slightest touch must mean love, right? Inside, I was dancing on the clouds. He had touched my hair. He had touched my chin and looked into my eyes. Jason Our one-dimpled new neighbor. Not only did it not diminish, but he somehow, for a reason unbeknownst to him, broke her heart. Shattered it. When tragedy struck his family and he moved away, I was ready to forget he ever existed.

Move on to bigger and better things. But now eight years later he's turned into one of the hottest baddest movie stars out there. Not only is he making women swoon with his one dimple, but he is making the paparazzi go crazy with his bad boy behavior.