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The Jesuit priests, who founded and ran Georgetown, for instance, were among the largest slaveholders in Maryland. And as women began to enter the first Catholic convents in the lateth and earlyth centuries, some brought their human property with them as part of their dowries, historians say.

I stumbled across this history during my reporting on Georgetown. Wealthy supporters and relatives of the nuns also donated enslaved people to the convents. Meanwhile, Catholic sisters bought, sold and bartered enslaved people. Some nuns accepted slaves as payment for tuition to their schools or handed over their human property as payment for debts, records show.

Studies in the field of trafficking in human beings — Lot 1, 2 and 3

In a more recent study , Joseph G. Mannard revealed that an eighth order did as well, at least for a time. Thompson said of these early Catholic nuns. They set the foundational patterns for what sisters did in the U. Some nuns expressed distaste for slavery while others described their reluctance to sell the people they owned, and records document some efforts to keep families together.

Sisters from both Georgetown Visitation and Sacred Heart united families in which the husband was owned by the nuns and the wife was owned by someone else. In each case, the sisters purchased the wives to bring the family together.

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The Carmelites of Baltimore cared for some elderly slaves when they grew infirm. But Dr.

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But they dropped those objections after learning that the sale would help pay off their debts and allow them to keep their rural estate. They sold at least 30 people, Dr.

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  4. Mannard said. Nearly a decade later, the Sisters of Charity of St. As for the Georgetown Visitation nuns, the profits from slave sales would become a vital lifeline during a period of expansion. In the s, the sisters embarked on a building campaign, which left them saddled with debt.

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    To ease the financial strain, they sold at least 21 people between and , the records show. When some buyers dawdled in making payments, the sisters took them to court, Dr. Nalezyty found. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in Kentucky, who owned 30 people at Emancipation, were among the first sisters to seek to make amends.

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    They joined with two other orders — the Dominicans of Saint Catharine and the Sisters of Loretto — to host a prayer service in where they formally apologized for their slaveholding. In , the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth erected a monument at a cemetery where many of the enslaved people were buried. So far, they have identified three descendants of the people they once owned. Roslyn Chenier, an African-American software consultant in Atlanta, learned that her forbears had been owned by the Religious of the Sacred Heart when she was contacted by Sister Maureen J.

    Chicoine, who has researched the history of the order and has identified dozens of descendants. Chenier, who attended the ceremony organized by the sisters in Grand Coteau last September. Committee of the Parties Restricted access Reset your password. See all news.

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    Home What is trafficking in human beings? International organizations possess different data on the number of persons who fall victim to trafficking every year and on the profits generated from this criminal activity: According to the United Nations, , women, children and men end up in human trafficking every year.

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    US State Department estimates that , women, children and men fall victim to trafficking every year of this figure, 20, in the territory of the USA. Human trafficking is one of the three most profitable criminal activities besides trafficking in drugs and arms. Profits gained through human trafficking are estimated at billion US dollars, and according to some estimates, up to billion US dollars a year.

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    Process of human trafficking The human trafficking chain comprises of three phases: 1. Recruitment phase 2. Many victims have never left their country before and they are totally dependant on human traffickers. Some of them are leaving their homes without passports because they are told that there is no real need to have one or that they will have it later.