Diary of a Single Thirty-Something: “31”

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Ann — Holier Than Now. Scott — The Sartorialist. Marie — The Curvy Fashionista.

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Eddie — Mr. Alyson — The Average Girl's Guide. Christine — NYC Pretty.

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Maegan — …Love Maegan. Beth — B. Jones Style. Grechen — Grechen's Closet. Wendy — Wendy Brandes. Sasha — Liberty London Girl. Natalie — Coquette. Tina — Bag Snob. I have no plans to stop, but I do have plans to become better and better. I love blogging. On one hand, damn! You do this list right before I plan to make my blog public. Nice compilation! And I found this blog very helpful. I followed these bloggers in Social Media.

So glad you posted this. Great picks! I follow many of these ladies!

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Lots of demand out there for realistic, affordable fashion inspiration for busy mums x. I think that is a good age, because now I have lot of things to share even more than the young ones than only post with their new zara outfit. Yesterday, as a matter of fact. Happy belated birthday!

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We got our numbers crossed and have retracted the link. So sorry for any confusion Sarah! She has been blogging for over five years and proves a woman can be over 30, have a family and still have killer fashion. Great list! My great grandmother never blogged or used a computer, for that case , but in her 90s and s she was still one of the most stylish people I knew.

You have to do this. So, I did. Sound of Chic is the marriage of two obsessions: fashion and music. Stop by and listen to some Stereolab. Fantastic list! I just turned 39 last week. My blog is a way to insert more estrogen into my life. This is a great post!

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I love that you featured over 30 bloggers and hope to be included one day;-. What a relief! Glad to see there are others. After ten years as a fashion editor, being able to turn my private passion into a flourishing business has been the biggest and best journey. Thanks for including us! We are honored. Rock on, our middle aged sisters. My blog is a bit of good advice for my contemporaries, inspiration for the younger and just random fashionable things. Pleased to have you check it out: allwaysinfashion. Thank you ladies- Yay for boggers over 30! To name just a few! Who me???

I cannot believe it. Sooooooooooooooooo grateful to be in this list, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I love seeing V, Wendy, Sacramento and Wayne on the list- all awesome blogs and bloggers to me- oh and there are SO many more! I agree, your 30s are an awesome time to be a blogger, you have a much better idea of who you are and what you want and you still have plenty of time to accomplish your goals. Great post and list too! Looking at some of the amazing style contained within your list, knowing what suits and having that confidence is clearly a powerful combination!

This is a great post. Thank you. I am over 40 myself and am a personal stylist who blogs from Melbourne.

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I am a 30 something blogger as well for two years. Fashion, travel, cook, there are so many things girls my age are about to!

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The bloggers mentioned in this list have all a great and unique sense of style. And this is my blog: Longuette.

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Fab article! I am 30 and have worked in fashion since I was 19! I staarted blogging October and I am seriously addicted but I now have a routinue I hope to be inculded in this list one day. You have no idea how just seeing this made my heart to happy! Though I have always loved fashion and been in fashion the business side of it for many years. Thank You for posting. BTW love this site very informative for a newbie like me.

I have been blogging for about 5 years. Yup over 30 over here! He's my best friend and a true partner. Could I have said that had he and I married in our 20s? So it can definitely happen later in life. Hell, it can even be wonderful!

I swore that there was no way I'd ever do it again; 'fool me once versus fool me twice' kind of thing. Until I met the girl of my dreams at age We've been married for years now, and we're looking forward to years more. I thought I would be single forever after that because I didn't think having a man again would be worth the trouble.