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He feels so dizzy he could swear he's about to faint. This can't be good for him, in any way. You're really annoying. And I mean it," he says, looking right into Leo's eyes.

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Leo blushes, because he could get used to the sound of Blaine's voice, or his laughter's, but his eyes, he's never gonna get used to them. Whenever Blaine stares at him, he feels uncomfortable, naked, exposed. His gaze turns him inside out, and it's nothing like pleasant.

It's just disturbing and annoying, and the fact that he himself keeps searching for it makes it even more so. Blaine moves slowly, but firmly, and in a second Leo feels him rubbing against his thigh, and it's way more than just feeling the pressure of his hard-on against it, because in the movement Blaine's thigh rubs against his crotch, and it makes Leo instantly want more. He hangs to the man's shoulders, trying to follow those movements and failing constantly. He'd like to tell Blaine to stop, to not do whatever he's doing right now, because it's too much, and he's still dressed, and he couldn't stand the thought of coming right away like a ridiculous, inexperienced kid, but he can't even manage to open his mouth for something else than moans and whining.

And he feels so lost he's almost scared to open his eyes, fearing the world he would see then could be completely different than the one he knows. I promise it'll be better, if you let it last longer. He ends up understanding that those urban legends about thinking of your granny to stop yourself from getting off too soon are just that, urban legends. When you've got somebody like this so close, touching you this way, there's no chance to let any other thought take their place.

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It's the first time he finds somebody so captivating, and it's scary, especially considering it's Blaine he's thinking about, and he should hate the man with a fire for a numerous variety of reasons he can't manage to recall right now. Maybe you don't remember 'cause it happened to you in the past century. When the kiss breaks, Leo looks at the man and finds him smiling. That's scary too, because he finds himself to like that smile. Leo blushes violently, looking away. He looks down at Blaine's fingers, so still around his jeans' button, like waiting for instructions.

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And he nods, biting at his lower lip. Leo fidgets uncomfortably, but it doesn't last long, and he freezes on the spot when he feels Blaine's fingertips trailing the outline of his own hard-on. Stranger hands down there feel good enough for him to cry, but he can't make a show of himself, not now, not more than he's already doing, so he closes his eyes, breathes in and out and settles under Blaine's body, resting his hands on his shoulders as he tries to focus on the feeling alone, letting the context and what's causing it out of him, like it was just a dream that he could forget comes morning.

Blaine doesn't let him. You're gorgeous. He holds his breath, looking down at Blaine's hand moving slowly around his erection, and bites at his inner cheek, fidgeting under him.

So I guess this calls for another question," he smiles, placing a tender kiss right under the boy's navel. The touch of Blaine's hand, the warmth of his breath on his barely sweaty skin, the intensity of his eyes locked with his own, the deep vibration of his voice, those words echoing in the air all around him and inside his brain. I've never Leo chokes on his own breath, eyes wide open in the darkness of the room.

The warmth, the wetness, the sucking, it's all too much, and when he thinks his heart's going to fail him, Blaine stops, and still looking at him whispers a "you taste so good" that pushes a whole new series of buttons inside Leo's body, buttons he didn't even thought he had. Blaine lets him, stroking his hips with both his hands and moving his head up and down, following Leo's movements. He pulls away a few seconds later, licking pre-cum away from his own lips.

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I need your permission. Even though, I can't lie, I want you.

I really want to feel you all around me," he moves up, kissing Leo on his tummy and then staying there, drawing wet, curly lines on his skin with the tip of his tongue as he can't help letting a dirty grin crawl its way up to his lips, "I would really like to fuck you. There's a part of him that wants this so much he's sure he'll regret it forever if he doesn't find the guts to say yes. Another part, though, is so terrified he could just as well jump up and run away crying. Blaine smiles tenderly, climbing up his body in little dry kisses as he keeps stroking him gently.

Yes, it's gonna be just as devastating as it looks like. Probably even more. There's something blooming inside himself, Leo can feel it. Some sort of warm wave mounting deep inside of his body, something drawing him ruthlessly towards Blaine. Something bad, something Leo can see casting a long shadow he can't see the end of. He can't decide if it's just lust or something else. He knows he can't escape it now, not because it's been running after him and it almost reached him anyway, but because, on the contrary, he feels like he himself has been running after it for years now, and he can't wait to hold it in his hands, see what is it, if it's scary as it feels it could be, if it will burn his skin like the touch of Blaine's hands is doing right now.

Leo hates him now more than ever, because Blaine doesn't know. Blaine doesn't get it. How hard it is to even speak in his presence, how much strength Leo's needing right now just to keep himself together under the even touch of his fingertips, how frustrating always was for him to just stand right in front of Blaine and fight not to fall, fueling his rage against him with all the flaws Blaine kept throwing at him, exposing them as if he was proud of them.

And it was never enough, never enough to move his eyes away from him, not really, because even in the worst days, when he just wanted him gone and as far away from him as it was possible, it was only to stop facing the fact that his body was aching for it. For this. And Blaine, he just stays there, and it's a game, for him, just something new he's playing with, and he keeps laughing like what's happening is no big deal, and Leo keeps thinking "fine, then, it's not gonna be a big deal for me either", but when Blaine's lips touch his in another kiss that quickly grows deeper and hungrier, it's impossible to keep thinking straight.

It's impossible to push away the deep, instinctual knowledge of the truth his body's telling, when all he can hear is his own heartbeat roaring in his ears.

You mainly go with the flow, with the inspiration of the moment. Did you know," he says, opening his eyes wide as if he was telling something completely new and uncommon, even if Leo knows he's only using this tone because he wants to mock him, "Did you know you can actually switch roles, if your partner is open-minded enough and doesn't believe homosexuals should be divided in two categories, one of which stands for the male role while the other stands for the female?

Just don't," he says, kissing Leo deeply again to switch the subject of his musing.

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Leo whines between his lips, clearly unhappy with the way he probably feels Blaine's patronizing him, but the man just ignores him and, when he parts from his lips, he's already smiling. The light of the moon, coming inside from the window, makes his lightly sweaty skin almost glow in the darkness of the room.

And even though it's dark, and even though Leo's upset because he can't help liking Blaine despite how unpleasant he finds him as a person, he can't help but swallow whatever snarky remark he had conjured from the last rational bit of himself, and stop to stare at him. His eyes travel quickly down the man's body, falling rapidly on his cock, so big and hard to scare him.

I don't know. It's in no way possible. It will hurt just for a moment. And it's part of the game," he adds, speaking softly over the sensitive skin right under Leo's ear, "There's a life lesson in it too. Nothing really good can be earned without having to suffer for it a little bit before," he whispers, licking one of his own fingers and pushing the tip of it gently against Leo's opening. Leo tenses nervously, closing his knees in a sudden reaction to the weird, surprising feeling of that slick finger against a place he never thought could be touched that way.

Not to Blaine, anyway. Leo makes a face and tries to relax, holding onto Blaine's shoulders. Your jokes are lame. It's an open, wet kiss that moves along with his finger pushing a little bit deeper, touching some spot inside of him that makes him shiver in something that, even if it's not pleasure already, certainly reminds it greatly.

Leo tries to cover his mouth, hoping his parents didn't hear them. Despite how amused he is, Blaine tries not to laugh, so to not upset Leo again. I just asked what-- shit ," Leo almost screams again, parting his legs and pushing his hips down on Blaine's fingers again when he feels the man twitch them inside his body once more, searching for the same reaction from before. Blaine celebrates his victory with a self-satisfied grin.

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Just what Leo needed, some innocent, everyday word to become triggering for such a thing like sex. Blaine smiles, kissing his pout away and smiling once more when Leo lets out the umpteenth needy moan, answering to the pressure of his fingers inside him. His smile growing wider, he leans in to whisper in Leo's ear, "Think about how much better it's going to be when I'm doing that with my cock, instead of my fingers. I'm not used to this, it's weird. Or that you're so fucking beautiful you almost make me want to come by just looking at you.

Or how I like the way your cock twitches and hardens for my fingers inside of you. He's never had somebody talking to him like this and somehow he had always thought he'd be squeaked out by dirty talking.

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Now, he doesn't understand if he likes it, or if it's just Blaine's voice that's making it work. How many more fingers do we need? He feels him pushing tentatively against his opening, and then entering for just a couple of inches. How come you're single, with all this romance pouring out of you? I can't believe you are still single," he adds, resting still inside of Leo's body, to help him getting used to the new, cumbersome presence.

I'm the one with your cock up his ass, I've got privileges," he decides, pulling Blaine in for a kiss. Blaine chuckles between Leo's lips, pushing a little harder inside of him. What about this, then? He pushes so deep inside him that the tightness and the wet warmth start to feel overwhelming, and for a moment Blaine just forgets what he's doing and where he is, and all he can understand is how deliciously trapped inside Leo's body he feels.